X: Seekers of Fortune Offers Chance to Be Immortalized as an Adventurer
X: Seekers of Fortune Offers Chance to Be Immortalized as an Adventurer

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X: Seekers of Fortune Game Box with Cards in a thematic desert setting

X: Seekers of Fortune | Base Game Boxset

A family playing X: Seekers of Fortune.

Family playing X: Seekers of Fortune

Five people will have the opportunity to immortalize their likeness as heroic adventurers in the exciting new strategy card game X:Seekers of Fortune.

X: SEEKERS OF FORTUNE delivers both fun and competitiveness. With its card combos and unpredictable outcomes, every game promises fresh, engaging play, ensuring countless hours of replayability.”

— Bryant Polanco, The Rogue Contenders

THE WOODLANDS, TX, UNITED STATES, June 17, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Independent filmmakers turned game designers, Danny Ayoub and Joel Watts, invite the adventurous and the cunning into the epic world of their new card game X: SEEKERS OF FORTUNE.

X: SEEKERS OF FORTUNE turns players into the heroes of their own sprawling quest to discover the

treasures that will lead them to victory.

Players will use strategy, guile and daring to be the first to discover the lost civilization of Eri Kai, performing heroic feats, deciphering archaic maps, and unearthing powerful relics to aid in their journey.

The creators have enlisted seven talented artists to create the cards and characters.

An exclusive version of the game is available for pre-order via Kickstarter until the end of June, bringing this fantastic universe to the tables of gamers around the world.

Players who pledge $30 will receive the X: SEEKERS OF FORTUNE base game box set.

The more pledged, the greater the rewards.

The first 5 adventurers to pledge at the $5,000 tier, will receive a customized card with their likeness released only in the Kickstarter and select special print runs.

They will be immortalized by talented artists behind the rich, inspiring visuals of X: SEEKERS OF FORTUNE.

X: SEEKERS OF FORTUNE offers unending replayability for seekers to outfox their rivals time and time


Meticulously play-tested, X: SEEKERS OF FORTUNE has received rave reviews.

Just like in X: SEEKERS OF FORTUNE, hesitation will not avail you!

The X: SEEKERS OF FORTUNE Kickstarter campaign ends June 30, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time.

View the Kickstarter Campaign here.

Mega Moth Studios is a game design and media production company based in The Woodlands, TX.

X: SEEKERS OF FORTUNE is the studio’s first gaming release. The studio is also known for the

Super Secret Podcast, their weekly podcast which explores the process and personalities

of the tabletop gaming industry.

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X: Seekers of Fortune | Official Game Trailer

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