Vishwa Ganesh Releases New Single “Nobody Knows”
Vishwa Ganesh Releases New Single “Nobody Knows”

The dark narrative-driven song is performed in Ganesh’s trademark storytelling style.

The song is an auditory expression of every gruesome and painful detail of the character…”

— Vishwa Ganesh

DUBAI, UAE, April 27, 2024 / — Enticed by tales since he was a child, Vishwa Ganesh is no stranger to storytelling. As a songwriter, he observes the world and dreams up a universe of his own, bridging the gap between reality and imagination, wrapped up in alternative indie-pop sounds.

Sonically engaging and driven by narrative, Vishwa Ganesh’s upcoming single ‘Nobody Knows’ is a perfect example of his signature storytelling, and is set for release on May 10th 2024.

With musical influences ranging from Hans Zimmer to Billie Eilish, as well as his own brother, the narrative of ‘Nobody Knows’ revolves around an orphanage harbouring dark secrets. Against all odds, the narrator escapes the house of horror and finds solace in sharing their story.

“The song is an auditory expression of every gruesome and painful detail of the character…” explains Vishwa. “The vocals, along with the music, follow every layer of emotion expressed at different points of the story.” Listeners are transported on a journey both lyrically and musically that gives a raw insight into the human experience.

‘Nobody Knows’ came from the humble beginnings of a piano ballad, before Vishwa Ganesh was taken on a journey of his own as the song and production developed over time, the complexity evolving, the emotions deepening.

The opening notes of the song combine delicate piano and guitar, light percussion and woodwind, as Vishwa sets the scene. The melodic vocal chorus chant of ‘Nobody, nobody, nobody knows’ hits with full impact, accompanied by electronic drums. As the story unravels, so does the instrumentation, layering textural soundscapes, like strings, with Vishwa’s vocals.

Despite the dark undertones of the story, the chorus vocal hook is memorable and hypnotic, driven by subtle but effective beats throughout the track. Climbing to its finale, ‘Nobody Knows’ builds in intensity with elevated rhythms, vocal chants and tremendous layers of horns, woodwinds and strings. The song swells in euphoric orchestration, creating a world reminiscent to that of Hans Zimmer.

With a host of singles already under his belt, Vishwa Ganesh has further projects in the pipeline, all set to release in the near future.

‘Nobody Knows’ will be available on all streaming platforms from May 10th 2024.


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