TONI&GUY Charitable Foundation’s Raises Funds for King’s College Hospital
TONI&GUY Charitable Foundation’s Raises Funds for King’s College Hospital

The PR Zornitsa Taskova and Trustee and Director of the Toni&Guy Foundation Lilia Mascolo

Posing at the summer soiree: Brigitte Othala Von Habsburg, her husband Ingo, Chairman of the Toni&Guy Foundation Pierre Mascolo, HRH Katarina of Yugoslavia and Peggy Rose

Posing: Brigitte Othala Von Habsburg, her husband Ingo, Chairman of the Toni&Guy Foundation Pierre Mascolo, HRH Katarina of Yugoslavia and Peggy Rose

 Blue Caroline Williams owner of the Luxury Collective Surrey with Lilia Mascolo in pink

In Blue Caroline Williams owner of the Luxury Collective Surrey with Lilia Mascolo in pink

We are thrilled with the incredible reception of our innovative groundbreaking concept in immersive fundraising. The feedback was extremely positive,and we are deeply grateful for the generous support”

— Lilia Mascolo, Director and trustee of the TONI&GUY Charitable Foundation

LEATHERHEAD, SURREY, UK, June 17, 2024 / — Girls “Dream Team”: Pioneers in Fundraising with a Charity Summer Soiree at the Mascolo Family Residence

In a remarkable display of innovation and social consciousness, five women, Liliya Mascolo, Zornitsa Taskova, Carloline Williams, Brigitte Von and Juste McKeown transcended the conventional boundaries of fundraising by orchestrating an opulent charity summer soiree to support the TONI&GUY Foundation, all without a dedicated budget.

The event, hosted at the prestigious private family estate of the Mascolo family in Surrey – the most exclusive residential area in the UK – was a testament to the organisers’ sheer determination and the benevolence of a dozen socially conscious sponsors.

The innovative pioneering approach, termed “immersive fundraising,” promises to revolutionise the landscape of charity events. By leveraging their extensive network of contacts and their unwavering commitment to altruism, the Penta succeeded in persuading numerous sponsors to contribute their resources and expertise, thereby creating a truly collaborative and engaging experience for all attendees.

The family estate provided a breathtaking backdrop for the summer soiree, with its expansive gardens and elegant architecture setting the stage for an unforgettable evening. The event featured an array of activities and entertainment, all meticulously designed to raise awareness and funds for the TONI&GUY Foundation. This esteemed foundation supports various charitable initiatives, notably the comprehensive renovation of King’s College Hospital, where the TONI&GUY children’s ward offers care to terminally ill children. This ward, entirely funded by the foundation, was established in 2013 with a generous £1 million donation from the late Toni Mascolo, the illustrious founder of the globally renowned TONI&GUY hairdressing empire.

Guests were indulged with a delightful selection of culinary masterpieces brought by Nobu Catering, live musical performances, and interactive installations, all made possible through the generosity of various sponsors. The atmosphere was both festive and unified, drawing together high-profile guests to support the noble cause while enjoying the estate’s splendid surroundings and partaking in a vibrant array of interactive fundraising activities.

The organisers aimed for the event to transcend the typical party atmosphere. They ingeniously devised a concept where each sponsor could engage directly with the guests through installations and immersive expiriences.

For instance, one sponsor donated an exceptionally luxurious pair of handcrafted shoes for one of the participating guests. Di Minno, the luxury Italian shoe brand, hosted a captivating “Cinderella Try-On” event, inviting ladies to immerse themselves in a real-life fairy tale. Participants could recreate the iconic Cinderella scene by slipping their feet into a Di Minno “glass slipper.” For this unique experience, participants paid £50 and entered their names into a glass jar. At midnight, one fortunate winner was drawn and took home the exquisite shoes.

Another immersive installation by jeweller Stephen Webster and Sky Dimonds involved a diamond worth £5,000, hidden alongside 99 Swarovski crystals at the bottom of 100 champagne glasses sold to guests. One lucky guest discovered the real diamond in their glass, raising significant funds for the foundation through the sales of these glasses.

Similar interactive installations adorned every corner of the estate. The organisers also recreated the glamour of London Fashion Week by the pool house, arranging a fashion show featuring three renowned British designers, showcased by twelve top models. The segment was orchestrated by the world-famous stylist Borna Prikaski.

The success of this event can be attributed to the organisers innovative approach to fundraising. By focusing on creating an immersive experience that engaged both sponsors and guests, they demonstrated that significant impact can be achieved without a substantial initial budget. Their ability to garner support from socially conscious sponsors and host over 250 high-profile guests without expenditure is unprecedented in the realm of event organisation.

The event has the potential to transform how charitable organisations approach their fundraising endeavours. By embracing collaboration, creativity, and community engagement, the ladies have set a new benchmark for what can be accomplished when united by a common goal.

The soiree was graced by several distinguished guests, including Princess Katarina of Yugoslavia, a cousin of King Charles III, Prince Jerome Luc Moinier De Giustiniani, and the acclaimed sculptor Pablo Damian Cristi, who generously donated an invaluable piece of marble for auction, promising to craft a bespoke statue for the fortunate buyer. Other notable attendees included designer Karen Millen, recipient of the Order of the British Empire, boxers Tyson Fury and David Haye, and celebrated figures from London’s high society such as Stuart Watts, Madonna’s personal PR, and global celebrities like Amanda Cronin, Peggy Rose, and the “exceptional DJ Omar Gharbi. The event was masterfully hosted by the unbelievable Pierre Mascolo- chairman of the foundation and television presenter Andrea McLean from Britain’s national ITV network.

The triumphant charity summer soiree validated the innovative concept and significantly contributed to the substantial amount raised, earmarked for refurbishing the Toni&Guy wing and the children’s playroom. The event serves as an inspiration to others seeking to make a positive impact within their communities. The hands on dream team have demonstrated that with passion, innovation, and the support of like-minded individuals, anything is possible. As they continue to lead the way in interactive fundraising, they are paving the way for a new era of charitable initiatives that unite people and foster lasting change in the most beautiful and inspiring settings.

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