Shannon Scott Williams and Ruby Chase Illuminate the Music World with “Love You More” – A Beacon of Love and Positivity
Shannon Scott Williams and Ruby Chase Illuminate the Music World with “Love You More” – A Beacon of Love and Positivity

Shannon Scott Williams & Ruby Chase

“Love You More” by Shannon Scott Williams & Ruby Chase drops this Valentine’s, spreading love & positivity through music.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, March 5, 2024 / — In an era craving light and positivity, Shannon Scott Williams and Ruby Chase are set to release their latest single, “Love You More,” a musical embodiment of love, happiness, and good vibes, perfectly timed for Valentine’s Day. This collaboration is a powerful testament to their shared mission: to spread love and positivity through music.

“Love You More” merges Williams’ masterful production and songwriting skills with Chase’s captivating vocals, creating an anthem for love that aims to uplift and inspire. Williams, with a career dedicated to producing music that radiates positivity, remarks, “In a world filled with so much darkness, my goal is to bring light through my music. Working with Ruby, who shares this vision, has amplified this message in ‘Love You More’.”

Ruby Chase, known for her dynamic presence and ritualistic performance style, adds her unique voice and perspective to the project. Her work, deeply rooted in social impact and empowerment, aligns with Williams’ vision of spreading love and positive energy.

“Love You More” is not just a song; it’s a movement towards a more loving and positive world. As Williams puts it, “Everything I try to convey through my music is about love, happiness, good vibes, and a positive attitude. This collaboration with Ruby is a celebration of that spirit.”

Available on all major streaming platforms from February 14, 2024, “Love You More” invites listeners to join in this celebration of love. A live virtual performance on release day will further showcase the chemistry between Williams and Chase, offering insights into their creative process and the inspiration behind this poignant track.

For more information about “Love You More” and future projects from Shannon Scott Williams and Ruby Chase, please visit Ruby’s official website at or follow them on social media.

About Shannon Scott Williams:

Shannon Scott Williams is a distinguished producer and songwriter, known for his dedication to creating music that shines a light on love and positivity. His work aims to counteract the darkness in the world with messages of joy and optimism.

About Ruby Chase:

Ruby Chase stands as a beacon of innovation and social change in the music industry, utilizing her platform to inspire and mobilize her audience towards acts of love and kindness. Check out Love You More on Spotify.

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