Revolutionize Aging in Place With Launch of CareMates in Honolulu
New startup moves into Hawaii market after successful pilots in Japan


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CareMates, a new digital care platform, is excited to announce its expansion into Hawaii to match providers with unique services for older adults and foster more independence for older adults. The platform offers a wide range of services from local providers that cater to the unique needs and aspirations of older adults and their families, making it easier than ever to address service gaps. The services are currently available via its private launch.

CareMates' mission is to empower older adults to stay independent and look after their well-being by providing a seamless and comprehensive platform for companion care, lifestyle and wellness activities and financial planning services. With the official launch in Honolulu, residents will have access to a wide range of services that will transform their ability to live a healthy and active lifestyle as they age.

CareMates is working with NTT DATA, a digital IT and business service provider, to bring digital care accessibility to senior communities in the US.

"We are excited to introduce CareMates to the vibrant community of Honolulu," said Alan Raby, founder of CareMates. "Our digital care platform empowers older adults to lead fulfilling lives and stay connected to the world around them. We believe that by offering these services, we can contribute to a happier, more engaged aging experience."

"Our partnership with CareMates is a strategic move towards building communities that are not only digitally accessible but also environmentally and socially sustainable. We're excited about the positive changes we can bring to senior communities worldwide," said David Costa, NTT DATA’s Global Chief Sustainability Business Officer. 

"The power of technology, when used responsibly, can be a force for good. Our collaboration with CareMates is a step forward in realizing this belief. By harnessing generative AI and localized digital care, we aim to build resilient communities that stand the test of time and enhance accessibility for seniors, ensuring they are active participants in the digital evolution," said Tanvir Khan, NTT DATA Services’ Chief Digital and Strategy Officer. 

Key features of CareMates' platform will include: 

  1. Companion Care: CareMates connects users with compassionate providers who offer companionship and assistance with various activities, such as conversation, dining out, going for coffee, taking walks, and running errands. 
  2. Lifestyle & Wellness: The platform provides access to a diverse range of services aimed at promoting well-being and personal growth. Users can explore options like language learning, smartphone tutoring, yoga, beauty, hobbies, gardening, cooking classes, and more. 
  3. Financial & Life Planning: CareMates certified providers offer valuable advice and services related to financial planning, inheritance planning, asset management, investment guidance, and more. 
  4. ChatGPT: CareMates’ own AI service aptly named HachikoGPT, is offered on the app and desktop platform to help users find helpful information for everyday questions, lifestyle inquiries such as diet and exercise, and resources for kupuna.

Providers for CareMates are gig economy workers who have a unique opportunity to earn income on their own terms, all while meeting new people, making new friends and providing vital services to our kupuna. Providers have the flexibility to set their own rates and schedules and are able to offer a whole suite of services from companionship, light errands to in-demand activities such as sports lessons and language tutoring. Currently, there is a large demand to assist kupuna with transportation and basic IT tutoring. To ensure safety and security, CareMates screens providers via background checks before they are on boarded onto the platform. 

To learn more about CareMates and its services, please visit

About CareMates: 

CareMates is a digital care platform on a mission to empower community caring for aging adults. By connecting older adults with a wide range of services and companionship, CareMates empowers them to lead enriched lives and continue to make meaningful contributions to society. The platform also offers a unique earning opportunity for providers, allowing them to set their schedules and work on their terms while creating connections with older adults in their community.


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