Premiere Alert: “The Risk Rule” – Military Drama Depicting Gendered Combat Exclusion Debuts at NoHo CineFest
Premiere Alert: “The Risk Rule” – Military Drama Depicting Gendered Combat Exclusion Debuts at NoHo CineFest

GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 22, 2024 / — A riveting exploration of valor, perseverance, and the intense struggles within the military and government, “The Risk Rule,” is set to captivate audiences as part of the 11-year running NoHo CineFest Film Festival, Mini CineFest, at the LOOK Dine-In Cinemas Glendale on April 11, 2024, marking a significant moment in cinematic portrayal of women in combat roles. The Red Carpet Premiere will commence at 5:30pm, with screenings beginning at 6:30pm, inviting film enthusiasts to witness a story of ambition, resilience, and the relentless fight against corruption and misogyny.

“The Risk Rule” delves deep into the life of Corporal Melissa ‘Mel’ Collins, portrayed by the talented LeeAnne Bauer, as she makes her mark as the first female marine in Recon. Alongside her team, Mel uncovers a web of corruption threading through the highest echelons of the government, orchestrated by an unlikely adversary within the office of the Secretary of Defense. The film skillfully navigates the perils Mel faces in her groundbreaking role, set against a backdrop of her personal battle with an abusive past.

Brought to life by Executive Producer and Co-Writer LeeAnne Bauer, alongside Co-Writer Travis Land, “The Risk Rule” is not just a film but a powerful statement on the evolution of female roles in military combat. The narrative is enriched by the historical context of the Combat Exclusion Policy and its repeal, highlighting the relentless spirit of women like Corporal Collins who pave the way for change against daunting odds.

The ensemble cast includes Travis Land, Daniel M Greer, Ryan Archuleta, Fahim Fazil, Kourosh Parsapour, Louise Latham, and Merrick McCartha, bringing an unparalleled depth to this compelling story. Behind the scenes, the film was directed by George Jac, and benefited from the expertise of Director of Photography David M Parks, 2nd Unit Director/Gun Coordinator/Military Advisor Kevin Kent, and Cultural Advisor Fahim Fazli, ensuring authenticity and gripping realism.

“The Risk Rule” is a testament to the strength and determination of women in combat roles, challenging the status quo and inspiring a new generation. It’s a story that goes beyond the battlefield, exploring the personal and professional hurdles that come with breaking barriers.

Join us for the premiere of “The Risk Rule” at the Mini CineFest for a night of compelling storytelling and a celebration of progress in the portrayal of military narratives. This is more than just a film; it’s a pivotal moment in the conversation about women’s roles in combat and their representation in cinema.

Event Details:

Film: The Risk Rule

Date: April 11, 2024

Time: Red Carpet Premiere at 6:30pm, with screening at 7:30pm

Location: LOOK Dine-In Cinemas Glendale

Ticket Link:

NoHo CineFest Film Festival – Mini CineFest

For further information and press inquiries, please contact: [email protected]

About the Filmmakers:

LeeAnne Bauer and Travis Land bring a unique blend of real-life military insight and creative storytelling to “The Risk Rule,” merging personal experiences with fictional narratives to challenge perceptions and highlight the valor of women in combat roles. Their partnership reflects a commitment to stories that resonate with truth, empowerment, and the relentless pursuit of equality.

Join us at the NoHo CineFest film festival to experience “The Risk Rule” – a film that redefines courage, resilience, and the fight for justice.

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