Founded by the “Queen of Rap” After Becoming a Mom for Women and Men of All Nail Sizes

LOS ANGELES, March 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Nicki Minaj, world-renowned artist, nail icon, and ‘Queen of Rap’, today announces the launch of her luxurious press-on nail brand Pink Friday Nails. Available online at, customers can choose from a variety of shapes and lengths when purchasing each of Nicki’s designs – a first for a press-on nail brand. No other brand on the market allows customers to order a design in their favorite shape and length.

Pink Friday Nails features 11 dynamic designs in a wide range of colorways, from matte and chrome bases, to camo patterns, and much more; perfect for the person who wants to make a bold statement, as well as those who want to be a bit more demure. For the launch collection, Nicki selected designs she actually wears herself. For example, recreating her press-on set that famously fell off during the MTV VMAs and was later sold on eBay for $55,000. The vegan and cruelty-free brand was first dreamed up when Nicki became a mother and switched to press-ons, because she couldn’t spend as much time in the salon chair. Inspired by Nicki’s own press-on problems – the nails never fit her and the designs weren’t good enough – she spent over a year developing Pink Friday Nails to serve women and men of all nail sizes with social media-worthy designs that reflect her own style. Some of the brand’s limited-edition designs, available in small quantities, feature as many as 300-400 gems and charms on a single set.

“When I became a mom, I couldn’t spend as much time getting my nails done as when I only had to worry about me, so it became a necessity to create fly, QUALITY press-on nails,” said Nicki Minaj, Founder of Pink Friday Nails. “I told my team when we started Pink Friday Nails that if I don’t want to wear them, I’m not going to even ATTEMPT to sell them because our customers aren’t stupid. Pink Friday Nails are the ACTUAL nails I wear designed by my ACTUAL nail tech. And I have VERY small nail beds, so normally press-ons are way too big and don’t hit the same. Our nails come from short to the longest length I wear, in ALL shapes, all sizes, and polishes.”

Nicki hired her actual nail designer Yvett G to design the brand’s product and oversee production. Four custom shapes were molded – stiletto, coffin, square, and almond – in five lengths, including short, medium, long, XL, and XXL. The shapes are curvy with a high apex and are thick and durable, delivering a contemporary look and quality that until now can only be achieved in a salon. Each nail pack comes with nail glue, adhesive tabs (for short-term wear, such as matching nails with a specific outfit), a cuticle pusher, file and buff, and alcohol pad. A set typically lasts two weeks when applied with glue and application time is just 10-15 minutes.

Pink Friday Nails seeks to disrupt the press-on market and fill a void, bridging the gap between inexpensive brands with lower quality and low-fidelity designs and custom sets sold by nail artists on social media for hundreds of dollars. Now for an average price of $19.99$24.99, Pink Friday Nails delivers the high-end look and quality found on social media at an accessible price.

Nicki will be featuring a Pink Friday Nails press-on station backstage in the VIP room of her world tour. She will also be offering them as gifts when her fans win competitions on X and Instagram, including #NickiTrivia.

Pink Friday Nails by Nicki Minaj is now available in the United States and internationally for purchase online at Fans can follow the brand on social media @pinkfridaynails. For more information about the brand, please visit the site.

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