New Book, “Pieces of the Puzzle,” Challenges Readers to Confront Doubt and Explore Rational Belief
New Book, “Pieces of the Puzzle,” Challenges Readers to Confront Doubt and Explore Rational Belief

Renowned author Greg Stone takes readers on an insightful journey of doubt and belief in his latest book, Pieces of the Puzzle: A Story Where Doubt Confronts Rational Belief in This Broken World. Released on January 12, 2024, this compelling narrative invites readers to ponder the intricacies of faith against the backdrop of life’s brokenness.

The story follows Wyatt Brown, whose encounter with an elderly black man, Marcus Francis, sparks a profound exploration of faith. As Wyatt grapples with

doubts about God’s existence amidst life’s challenges, Marcus presents him with a metaphorical puzzle, each piece representing a reason for belief. Through their evolving relationship, Stone skillfully weaves together themes of doubt, healing, and the evidence for a Creator God.

“Greg Stone is a gifted storyteller!! Combined with strong faith, he is a man we should listen to,” remarked Jack Herschend, Retired CEO of Herschend Family

Entertainment Corporation, praising Stone’s narrative prowess.

Rev. John Beaumont, Director of Alongside Ministries, added, “Greg writes from a place of deep faith and a creative mind. One can tell in his writing that

he comes from a place of experience in ministry.”

Pieces of the Puzzle not only offers a compelling narrative but also serves as a poignant reminder of the healing power found in meaningful relationships. Stone’s exploration of faith within the context of a broken world resonates with readers seeking answers amidst life’s uncertainties.

The book is now available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other major retailers.

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