Luxury Digital Content Bitbrand Closes 0K First Funding Round, and Launches First-ever Blockchain-based Watch Faces Portal
Luxury Digital Content Bitbrand Closes 0K First Funding Round, and Launches First-ever Blockchain-based Watch Faces Portal

The only digital product with real utility 

LOS ANGELES, March 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Bitbrand, the first platform to offer blockchain-certified luxury digital products with tangible utility, has raised $500K in their first round. Investors include Hustle Fund, Side Door Ventures, GFR Fund and other prominent investors in the blockchain and luxury space. This round of capital has helped the platform build its offerings and achieve its first two content launches.

Bitbrand is revolutionizing how luxury brands, artists and their customers engage with digital assets. Luxury brands have struggled to move into the digital space because they can’t protect their Intellectual Property (IP) and brand reputation. On the other hand, end users have been exposed to many NFTs projects but most of them are difficult to understand, speculative and without clear use cases.

Bitbrand leverages Web3 technologies to authenticate digital content, appropriately manage the concept of scarcity (essential for luxury brands), and give fashion, art and luxury consumers a real utility, easily consumable via credit cards, not complex wallets, and easy portability and use of the owned content to personal devices such as smartphones and Apple Watches.

Bitbrand reports the launch of its portal,, its first mobile app, available solely on the Apple App Store, and two exclusive watch collections, the result of collaborations with Getty Images, the preeminent global visual content creator and marketplace, and Artlord, a Los Angeles-based street artist.

Artlord’s “Stuck on You” collection features handpicked original artworks that infuse a watch face with the raw energy and vibrant colors of street art, blending timeless luxury with modern urban vitality. Through iconic street art language, Artlord captivates viewers with colorful chaos, maintaining undeniable aesthetic appeal while exploring mark making and pop culture relationships.

“Joining forces with Bitbrand has been an electrifying journey for me as an artist. Just as luxury brands seek dynamic partnerships to amplify their impact, I am thrilled to have found a kindred spirit in Bitbrand. This collaboration isn’t just about merging art and technology; it’s about revolutionizing how audiences engage with creativity in the digital age. With Bitbrand’s innovative platform, I’m ecstatic to unveil exclusive digital masterpieces, igniting a new wave of excitement and connection for art lovers worldwide. Get ready to experience art like never before, right at your fingertips!” says Artlord

A Legacy of Style showcases instead a curated selection of iconic photographs from Getty’s archives, offering watch faces that blend the opulence of a bygone era with the vibrancy of contemporary life. Getty Images stands at the forefront of the global arts community, dedicated to the exhibition and preservation of humanity’s collective artistic and cultural legacy.

Antonio Paone, USA President of luxury brand Kiton, recently said “In Bitbrand, Kiton has found a true partner that not only understands the innovation vectors of modern brands but also the values and needs of modern luxury consumers. Leveraging the capabilities of the Bitbrand platform, Kiton will offer access to exclusive digital branded content to our customers, and enable them to display or use that content on mobile devices that they love.”

Bitbrand products are designed to appeal across generations, with an intuitive simple process for downloading authentic ‘watch faces’ to Apple Watches, and pricing that begins at an accessible $50$100 range (similar to high-end perfumes and fragrances), inviting a broader audience to the digital realm of their favorite luxury brands

“We’re not just revolutionizing the market; we’re creating an entirely new one! And all with a simple idea: a useful NFT!” says Bitbrand Cofounder and CEO Giuseppe Sacco. “We have seen a lot of NFT launches, getting everything wrong – the pricing, the positioning, the usability, but especially the utility! With Bitbrand, we collaborate with brands and artists to create original digital products that serve a purpose: personalizing your mobile devices. They come at a reasonable price point and are easy to purchase – just a credit card away – and brands can feel safe that their content is sold in its original, authenticated format”.

The personal luxury goods market is on a trajectory to soar to an estimated value of $580 billion by 2032, with approximately 30% being fueled by Gen Z and Alpha consumers who are delving into luxury purchases as early as 15,” explains Elizabeth Yin, Managing Partner at Hustle Fund and an investor in Bitbrand. “Where will these generations begin their luxury shopping journey? Inside their own devices, where brands aim to captivate the customers of the future. This is precisely what Bitbrand is doing by creating digital products with genuine utility that brands can leverage to attract these customers, who will love personalizing their devices,” Yin underscores, “For consumers and brands alike, embracing Bitbrand’s a no-brainer.

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