Introducing RemoteWorx – the Rewards-Driven Workplace Wellbeing Platform That Promotes Healthier and Happier Employees
The First Managed Workplace Wellbeing Platform for Remote, Hybrid, and Full-time In-office Employees

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RemoteWorx is the world's first digital wellbeing platform that helps remote, hybrid, and full-time in-office employees work and feel better. Available now, this revolutionary technology focuses on strengthening wellbeing essentials rather than just typical health tracking or mindless acts of recognition. RemoteWorx proactively inspires team members to improve communication, collaboration, and productivity while earning rewards. However, the real reward for employees is becoming healthier and happier individuals.

Here's how it works: RemoteWorx inspires team members to develop healthy habits, learn about health and wellness, improve communications, and genuinely connect with co-workers. The ultimate goal is to enhance employee wellbeing, which Gallup says is the "key" to workplace productivity. A dedicated Live RemoteWorx Coach is assigned to each client team, providing them with daily motivational support and real-time feedback. Employees earn points for their engagement in healthy actions and can redeem them in The Work+Life Shop, which RemoteWorx has fully integrated into its technology.

To earn rewards, employees can read guides and watch short videos about health and wellness-related topics. Every action a team member takes moves them closer to their daily progress goal, resulting in more points that they can redeem on curated and branded products, services, and experiences. (Users can also pay for items in The Work+Life Shop with conventional payment methods.) The result is a system that incentivizes employees to invest in themselves and improve their wellbeing, while benefiting their organization in the process.

By taking a holistic approach to wellbeing, RemoteWorx enhances productivity in many ways. Users can set "Break Timers" that remind them to take essential wellness breaks during the day. They can participate in a variety of fun challenges and are encouraged to support each other to earn additional incentives.

In addition to the dedicated Coach, a group of certified expert consultants review a team's activity levels and feedback to further promote a better work and life experience. As an integral part of the program, RemoteWorx provides updates and monthly reports with team analytics and actionable insights to enhance team success.

“We are excited to offer an employee wellbeing program that is proactively managed by real people - with benefits and Reward Points that are actually worth something," says Paul Narvaez, Co-Founder at RemoteWorx. "When your employees are happy and well, life is better for everyone, including your clients."

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