FEELINGIRL Announces Brand Upgrade and New Products for Every Age, Every Stage
FEELINGIRL Announces Brand Upgrade and New Products for Every Age, Every Stage

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif., Feb. 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — FEELINGIRL, a self-confidence-oriented brand that creates and offers various styles of shapewear, is excited to announce a significant brand upgrade and the launch of new products featuring a variety of colors. This move is aimed at enhancing the comfort and style of its customers in the new year, allowing them to enjoy a chic and comfortable wearing experience.

With the tagline “Undergarments for Every Age, Every Stage,” FEELINGIRL is committed to becoming a lifelong partner for consumers, offering body shaping solutions that cater to every age and stage of life. This commitment is reflected in its brand mission: to provide women with a range of affordable shapewear that suits all body shapes and sizes, enriching their lifestyle with more color and variety.

FEELINGIRL champions a minimalist yet elegant style, using high-quality fabrics to meticulously craft its garments. Its aim is to elevate the daily life quality of every woman, enabling them to wear supportive and empowering clothing that allows them to face life’s challenges and opportunities with grace and confidence.

To achieve a perfect blend of elegance and comfort, FEELINGIRL incorporates unique techniques as the brand’s key design elements. This is evident in its latest product offerings.

Take its new shapewear garment All Day Every Day Tummy Control Slimming Bodysuit for example. It is designed to enhance natural curves while providing support and comfort. This innovative garment effectively flattens the abdomen, lifts the buttocks, and supports the breasts, creating a streamlined silhouette.

Lightweight and offering ideal stretch and recovery, the ultra-soft material ensures all-day comfort. Two bottom designs are available: a seamless thong back and mid-thigh shorts for additional coverage. Two gusset designs cater to convenience, with overlapping closures for the shorts and snap closures for the thong styles. Adjustable, stretchy straps allow for a All Day Every Day Tummy Control Slimming Bodysuit customized fit.

Breathability is a key feature of this shapewear, providing a comfortable feel when worn underneath clothing. Its invisibility, even under figure-hugging attire, ensures a seamless look. This shapewear is not just about enhancing appearance, but also about boosting confidence.

Another highlight is the V Neck Tummy Control Thong Bodysuit. One of the standout features is its deep V-neckline, which adds a touch of fashion-forward sensuality. The open back design is a perfect match for low-cut and backless outfits, adding an extra layer of style and sophistication. The thong design not only enhances the buttock area but also eliminates the issue of visible panty lines. The shoulder straps, which are 1.8 centimeters wide, are adjustable and made from a delicate material that ensures a comfortable, non-constricting fit. The alloy buckle and ring are resistant to deformation, further enhancing the durability of the shapewear.

This breathable shapewear, crafted from moisture-absorbing elastic satin, comfortably tucks the tummy and shapes the waist. Resistant to pilling and deformation, it offers durability and can be worn alone or layered. It’s a versatile wardrobe addition, perfect for brides or those seeking body shaping solutions.

FEELINGIRL recognizes that each stage of life brings unique emotions and experiences. Whether it’s the excitement of teenage years with school dances and parties, the pivotal moment of marriage, the transformative experience of motherhood, or the challenges and triumphs in the workplace, FEELINGIRL is committed to being there, providing the utmost comfort and support for every woman, at every stage of her life’s journey.

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FEELINGIRL is a brand that embodies self-confidence through a diverse collection of shapewear. Utilizing advanced technology and superior infrastructure, FEELINGIRL crafts garments inspired by real movement. Prioritizing comfort, FEELINGIRL uses quality fabrics for an unparalleled feel. FEELINGIRL provides inclusive shapewear for all body types that enhances natural beauty and curves, fostering confidence and poise.


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