Andrea Angioli starts a new production in New York: A Revolutionary Documentary Celebrating Women in Music
Andrea Angioli starts a new production in New York: A Revolutionary Documentary Celebrating Women in Music

Andrea Angioli directs groundbreaking film-documentary, celebrating women’s transformative impact in music and culture.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, April 26, 2024 / — Andrea Angioli, an acclaimed Italian movie producer, is making waves in the international film industry with his groundbreaking documentary,” The B-Side of the Vinyl.”

Andrea’s company PrimopianoTv, with a team of acclaimed professionals, he is setting out to celebrate the monumental contributions of women in music.

The documentary delves into the emotional and intellectual realms of musical influence, particularly highlighting the powerful voices of women artists from different eras and genres. Luminaries featured icons, whose stories of triumph and creativity inspire and form the core of this film.

” The B-Side of the Vinyl” is set against the vibrant backdrop of New York City, transforming the city’s rhythm into a visual symphony that not only revisits the musical journeys of its subjects but also emphasizes their significant impact on societal norms, sparking excitement and change.

Under Andrea Angioli’s innovative vision, the documentary is more than a historical account; it’s a movement celebrating women’s resilience and indomitable spirit who have shaped the music industry against all odds. Angioli’s production is a compelling mosaic of interviews, performances, backstage footage, and personal stories, enriched with a variety of mediums like vintage photographs, film strips, and digital-era holograms.

Directed by Francesca Ferretti and co-produced by Pamela Lubell, the documentary is poised to captivate audiences worldwide.

Their collaborative expertise promises to deliver a cinematic experience that is as enlightening as visually arresting.

“The B-Side of the Vinyl” does not merely aim to entertain but to inspire and advocate for the recognition of women’s invaluable contributions to music and culture. Andrea Angioli’s documentary is a testament to his unique contributions to the arts and his potential to bring more innovative projects to life in America.

This documentary is a clarion call for celebration and recognition, inviting audiences everywhere to explore the lesser-known but equally important ”B-side” of music history. With its upcoming release, Andrea Angioli’s name is set to become synonymous with pioneering filmmaking that bridges past and present, creating a timeless tribute to the women who have defined and continue to redefine the music industry.

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