Actress and Activist Heather Morris Gives Ways to Recognize Earth Day 2024 on TipsOnTV
Ways Everyone Can Help the Planet this Earth Day

Eco-Activist & 'Glee' Star Heather Morris Shares Earth Day Ideas

Celebrate Earth Day with Actor Heather Morris

Just in time for Earth Day, actress, singer, dancer, and eco-activist Heather Morris shares timely information about environmentally friendly products and trends. Heather hopes to motivate environmentally focused citizens to become “everyday” stewards and provide an example for generations to come. The first Earth Day was more than 50 years ago, and now it is a global event that involves more than a billion people.


Little changes can make a big difference. Turning to cold water washing with Tide is an easy eco-habit to start this Earth Month; it is also a great way to save money and help clothes last longer. It is hard to change a habit when unsure if it will work. That is why Tide is created specifically to deliver a great clean in cold water, making the sustainable choice the easy one. Tide has been on a journey to reduce the climate impact of laundry and set a goal to turn 75% of loads to cold by 20-30. For more information, visit


When traveling, more and more people are looking for ways to go green. Try looking for lodging that does the same. So choose Travelodge by Wyndham. They are all about sustainability, including an ongoing commitment to preserving our nation’s parks. In fact, more than 75% of all Travelodge hotels are less than an hour drive from a national park, making it the perfect base camp for that next adventure. They are currently running a great Earth Day deal where anyone can get 20% off when staying two nights or more. Check out for all the details.


Thirty-eight percent of all food in the U.S. goes unsold or uneaten, a lot of it due to outdated grocery standards. Misfits Market is an online grocery store on a mission to reduce food waste and make shopping for sustainable, high-quality groceries easier and more affordable. They deliver organic produce, quality meats and seafood, plant-based proteins, pantry staples, dairy and other quality brands. Misfits Market helps save an average of half a million pounds of food per week, so consumers can feel good about supporting their mission. For more information, visit


An amazing new way to save money on energy bills while helping to protect the planet is Savant Power. A Savant Power System allows the storage of solar energy or inexpensive energy from utility companies and uses it to power homes or charge cars each day when energy prices spike. Plus, it can also be used to provide clean power to homes if there is a blackout. In some parts of the country, Savant Power users are already saving hundreds of dollars on their monthly energy bills. To learn more and get started, visit


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