A Cinematic Revolution in Novel Form, Blending Real Actors and Gripping Narratives in a Captivating Paper Movie
A Cinematic Revolution in Novel Form, Blending Real Actors and Gripping Narratives in a Captivating Paper Movie

Harker in “Cult of Carnival” with the official book cover.

Tommy Gervase as "Harker Peters" in Cult of Carnival.

Tommy Gervase as “Harker Peters” in Cult of Carnival.

Morpheus Walker as Ambrose in "Cult of Carnival".

Morpheus Walker as Ambrose in “Cult of Carnival”.

A Cinematic Revolution in Novel Form, Blending Real Actors and Gripping Narrative in a Captivating Paper Movie.

Even if you aren’t a profound reader, this book catches your eyes on each page while reaching your soul for more!”

— Chrystal (Amazon Review)

DURHAM, NC, UNITED STATES, April 27, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dive into the world of “Cult of Carnival,” a groundbreaking fusion of screenplay and novel, redefining the genre of movie novelizations as the new format, “paper movies”. Authored by the acclaimed Jaiden Frost, “Cult of Carnival” has swiftly climbed the charts, captivating audiences with its innovative approach and immersive storytelling.

With hundreds of physical copies sold on Amazon, over 1,000 ebook purchases across various platforms, and a staggering 100,000 readers on free-to-read platforms, “Cult of Carnival” has become a sensation in the literary world.

What sets “Cult of Carnival” apart is its unique blend of narrative styles, offering readers the gripping tension of a screenplay while maintaining the immersive readability of a novel. This seamless integration of formats allows readers to experience the story in a wholly new and captivating way.

One of the most striking features of “Cult of Carnival” is its use of full-production stills featuring real actors. Led by rising metal band Cultus Black, whose essence permeates the narrative, readers are transported into the vivid world of the story. Tommy Gervase and Alley Duffey deliver stunning portrayals as Harker Peters and Kara Peters, bringing these characters to life in a way that transcends the page.

Guest appearances by the enigmatic Morpheus Walker as Ambrose and the haunting allure of the Twisted Whisker Sideshow add depth and intrigue to the narrative, further immersing readers in the world of “Cult of Carnival.”

Crafted as a “paper movie,” “Cult of Carnival” unfolds across over forty vivid illustrations, each meticulously designed to enhance the cinematic experience. From the gripping dialogue to the intricate characterizations, every aspect of the book is structured to captivate and enthrall.

Jaiden Frost, a two-time best-selling author and world record-setting writer, brings his unparalleled talent and vision to “Cult of Carnival,” delivering a narrative that will linger in the minds of readers long after the final page.

“Cult of Carnival” is now available for purchase on Amazon and other leading retailers. Join the thousands of readers who have already been swept away by this immersive and unforgettable tale.

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About Jaiden Frost:

Jaiden Frost is a two-time best-selling author and world record-setting writer known for his gripping narratives and innovative storytelling techniques. Having been a former ghostwriter in Hollywood for over a decade, Frost is more than familiar with the crafting of cinema. With a passion for pushing the boundaries of traditional genres, Frost’s work has garnered critical acclaim and is currently building a dedicated following of readers worldwide.

About “Twisted Whisker Sideshow”:

The Twisted Whisker Sideshow is a haunting collective of scare actors and freakshow performers out of North Carolina. Using their daring skills, horrific looks, and immersive storytelling abilities, the “Twisted Whisker Sideshow” is more than a sideshow, it’s the whole show. They currently hold a residency at Panic Point in Youngsville, North Carolina, and can be seen every Halloween season.

About “Cult of Carnival”:

“Cult of Carnival” is a groundbreaking novel that redefines the genre of movie novelizations. Blending the elements of a screenplay with the readability of a novel, “Cult of Carnival” offers readers a wholly immersive and captivating experience. With stunning production stills featuring real actors and a gripping narrative that unfolds across over forty vivid illustrations, “Cult of Carnival” is a must-read for fans of immersive storytelling.

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